Why Crieta?

Reasons why Crieta makes the best option for your logistics need

What We Believe

Customer Success in Mind


We understand the goods & materials we put into motion are critically important to our customer. By carefully follow the strictest guidelines and best practices, combining with attention to details, our team works hard everyday from planning to delivery - make our customers' businesses more efficient, profitable and competitive.

Commitment & Integrity

Commitment to roll great services and other initiatives that impact lives both within and outside the organization without compromising the truth.

People & Team First

We find great people and putting them together into a right environment. Giving the best and unmatched results for all round satisfaction will come naturally from this group of people.


Thriving for simplicity is the style and philosophy of our company. Having simple processes, policies & structures in place to make decisions quickly and rapidly, transforming our ideas into effective solution of complex problems

Crieta offers you a whole new experience in distributing your goods. We have variety of transportation modal that can reach to all destinations through out Indonesia. Crieta consists of young people with creativity and high working ethic to provide you with the best solution for all your delivery needs.

Why Crieta?

At Crieta, through our advanced digital platform and wealth of expertise in shipping, we provide efficient freight transport solutions that you can use to get your cargo moving around Indonesia Archipelago – quickly and with less hassle than ever.

Pro-Active Support.

We will work pro-actively to keep your cargo moving smoothly and avoid any issues; keeping you notified at key milestone.


Single point of contact.

Agility & Speed.

Crieta has the agility and speed of a start-up, backed up by years of experience as an industry leader. That means you can rest knowing that your cargo is safe in the hands of our team of experts, ready to support you in every step of your cargo’s journey.


We have designed our platform to be simple, intuitive and fast to use.


Crieta is streamlining operations for all parties by connecting all parties involved in freight forwarding process.


Visibility on Your Cargo.

Your Dashboard shows where your shipment is at any time; from start to end of the journey.



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